Munch Fit Drives Millets Movement in India

Munch Fit Drives Millets Movement in India

As adverse climate change is impacting the food systems globally, experts are recommending nutritious and protein-dense crops that can be grown even in harsh conditions. Millets are one such crop that are known for consuming lesser water and also are said to help contain global warming.

Recently, the United Nations had also declared 2023 as the “International year of Millets”, and it aims to increase the awareness of these grain’s health benefits. Moreover, the Indian government is also planning several initiatives to propagate the vitality of including millet in diets.

As the millet movement gains rapid momentum, an Indian brand named Munch Fit is revolutionising the market with its healthy millet-based snacks, available in different flavours.

Founded by Shubhangi in 2021, Munch Fit is now one of the favorite snacks among the Indian consumers – all thanks to the impeccable quality and superior taste offered by the company.

“We are going through a very crucial phase. pandemics climate change, malnutrition, everything is hampering human lives. At this time, including Millets in your diet could be one of the best ways to stay fit and healthy. Our millet-based snacks are not just healthy, but also tasty. We are happy that people welcomed us with an open arms,” said Afzal, Executive Director and Co-founder of Munch Fit. We are encouraged by positive feedback of customer and now we have launched Munch Fit Snacks in Canister also

Loaded with proteins and vitamins, millet is one of the healthiest grains which could help people maintain their overall well-being. Several recent studies report including the one published in Science Suggest strongly that consuming millets help reduce blood pressure.

“I have been consuming Munch Fit snacks for the past few months. I really love the flavour. I am so happy that I am now snacking in a healthy gluten-free manner,” said Harsh Sharma a Munch Fit customer.

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